Founded in 1996 by Chairman Turgut Çesit, Divin Jewellery Limited Company, has rapidly become known in Turkish and Russian markets with amazing export numbers to Russia. With its flagship store located in ISTANBUL, the company spread out brightest tourist locations of Turkey, Antalya & Bodrum, by opening shops in the finest resorts. The company gained momentum not only in Turkish tourism, but also in the international markets as well.

With its special collections and designs, the quality of stones and labour, the company succeeded to carry its name up to the top lines in the market in years. Apart from precious timepieces, Divin Jewellery is also committed to offering its clients superior and elegant jewellery. The spread of its unique crafsman fame resulted in the demand of Divin products by the famous Turkish TV serials, which elevates the brand’s popularity both in the local & international markets.

Honesty and quality being the two pillars upon which Divin Jewellery has been built, the company proceeds to global markets with strong steps and will be proud to announce its international branches soon. With the luxury indulgence of fine quality diamond jewellery and exquisite timepieces, Divin Jewellery will always be a ticket to a world of glamour.



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